About the Holistic Center for Soulful Living:

The Holistic Center for Soulful Living (HCSL) has been offering integrative, comprehensive wellness services for individuals seeking natural alternative solutions to maintain or regain balance and harmony in their lives. HCSL has hosted on-going workshops, special events and presentations on topics related to wellness, spiritual growth, and healing. We are also proud to be the home of the Soulful Living for Recovery Program offering grant opportunities for individuals seeking holistic pathways back from addiction. The Center’s primary mission has been to serve as a beacon of light, hope and healing in this world.

Due to this unprecedented time in history, the Holistic Center’s doors have been closed for several months and we are facing a very real fiscal crisis threatening our ability to remain open. Your contribution will serve to help sustain our mission to provide vital support and services to a community in need.

100% of the proceeds will go strictly to operating costs needed to ensure that our doors can remain open.  (Important to note that The Holistic Center for Soulful Living has not been eligible to receive any of the state or federal grant assistance due to the unique nature of their business).

Our hearts remain open & in trust of whatever the universe has in store for this DIVINE MISSION!

With so much gratitude & love, from our hearts to yours!

Rosemary, Rob and Alissa

Co-Owners of The Holistic Center for Soulful Living

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