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$25-$250 : No amount is too small…every dollar counts to support this growing community and all those on the path to long term recovery and life beyond addiction✨✨✨
$500 : Helps to support an individual to attend several special events that will reinforce the recovery journey✨
$1000 : Will help an individual for 2 months post rehab or intensive day treatment program to get them started on the right path for long term success✨
$3250 : Will support an individual for 6 months of holistic counseling, recovery life coaching, acupuncture, massage, hypnotherapy, mindfulness meditation, Reconnective healing, yoga and an array of specialty workshops all geared to help an individual stay sober and find a long term solution for life beyond addiction✨
$6500 ; Will support an individual for AN ENTIRE YEAR worth of Integrative holistic services to support every aspect of a persons path to long term recovery✨