I’m writing a testimonial in the midst of my “journey” with the center. Important because while I feel like a work-in-progress, each time I visit with Alissa or Rosemary I am amazed at how insightful they can be. At the same time they prompt me, challenge me and direct me to a level of introspection that can only be described as transformative. Before being introduced to the center I met with a more “clinical” psychologist and was very disappointed. I’m so glad I did not give up on therapy, but instead gave up on therapy that was not designed or equipped to bring me in touch with my best self. The name “soulful center” is not to be taken lightly. It is no cliché. If you seek to connect with your soul, if you seek awareness, effectiveness, insight and so much more this is the place to visit. I can say with all sincerity that it takes one visit… In that short time, you will know if you’ve arrived at the right place. I did.
- B.F.

Reconnective Healing Sessions with Rob Koenig have been an amazing experience which affected my life in such a positive way. Each session has connected me and aligned me emotionally, spiritually and also physically. After each session I felt peaceful and more balanced and could see the effect flowing into all areas of my life. When I took my twenty two year old daughter with a severe debilitating health issue to Rob for a series of three sessions, I was able to observe and watch the magnificent power of this healing method. Where conventional medicine stopped their work, Reconnective Healing completed the healing process rapidly. My daughters debilitating health issues rapidly decreased and after a few short days she was starting to feel herself again and was healed. I highly recommend seeing Rob for Reconnective Healing Sessions. You will be so glad you did. I am very grateful for Rob and Reconnective Healing.
- D.S.

“I have been a client at the center for almost 5 years now. Through a combination of therapy, Reiki & hypnotherapy I have transformed from an anxious, angry, frustrated child into a rational & confident man. Rosemary, Alissa & Mary have helped me to unlock my past and understand the nature of my insecurities. I stave to live in the present now and am happy and successful thanks to their skills. I am SO grateful!”.(10/9/12)
- J.C.

Rob Koenig created a peaceful, supportive and caring space in which to heal. During my Reconnective Healing session, I was aware of the sensation of energy moving around and through me, and afterwards, I was very relaxed. Although I went to the first session with the hope of a healing a physical ailment, a more powerful, life-altering “healing” occurred that was quite unexpected but much appreciated and needed. I experienced three sessions, each more powerful energetically, than the one before. This is a wonderful gift that Rob is sharing with the world. Thank you!
- A.G.

My journey with The Holistic Center for Soulful Living began almost 3 years ago when a dear friend highly recommended Rosemary to me. I felt stuck in my life at the time. I was unhappy and no longer knew what I wanted. Rosemary has since helped me tremendously, and I am so thankful to her. When you don’t quite know how to articulate what or how you’re feeling, it is comforting when someone just gets it. Rosemary identifies exactly with what I struggle to verbalize.
The overall Center is welcoming from the moment you step inside. The beautiful and inspiring decor along with the heartfelt greetings are extremely reassuring. It can be so nerve-wracking to face your insecurities, regrets and fears; but those feelings disappear as these professional and compassionate women guide you to a place of understanding, strength, progress and peace. The Center offers so many services and opportunities to help you grow. Anytime I encounter someone struggling with an area in his or her life, I now highly recommend The Holistic Center for Soulful Living.
- J.H.

Come to The Holistic Center for Soulful Living and become a soul seeking warrior. The rewards are great but it takes focus, determination and commitment, Qualities of any strong warrior! I’ve participated in several programs the center has created and I always come out of it inspired, rejuvenated and hopeful for improving myself, my outlook and my habits. Their programs help to open your heart and mind to fulfilling your heart’s desires and making a realistic plan or expectation on how that can happen. Exploration of what really matters to you and what your heart desires enables you to make small changes in your daily life that brings positivity and possibility to any situation. Participating in these workshops is the best gift you can give yourself. Plus they are totally awesome people living their truth!!
- M.S.

The Holistic Center for Soulful Living is a warm and inviting place that has set out to nourish the soul and touch the hearts of many. Professionals here have a holistic approach and strive to help the individual discover inner peace and serenity. Each professional here at the Holistic Center for Soulful Living truly dedicates themselves to the people they help each and every day. No matter the service, the individual is guaranteed to be given the tools and skills they need to achieve.
- J.R.

There are no words that can truly articulate all of the Blessings that were bestowed upon us during our time at The Holistic Center for Soulful Living. The interactions with the center were indeed the catalyst to the transformation that took place on a souls level for both my husband and myself. The Holistic Center for Soulful Living, embodies an energy like no other wellness center. Each practitioner “shows up” for you as their client in a way that is unlike any other. The energy that is held in each session is one of complete compassion, positivity, inspiration, insight and sincerity. I believe the philosophy, approach, and mission that The Center embraces and stands for is the answer that you have been looking for in helping you to release anything that is holding you back from healing, finding your truth, and embracing your authentic self. I am SO Grateful for the Blessing of these practitioners in our lives. I can truthfully say that we would not be the people we are today or living the life we are living without their guidance and support. The words THANK YOU could never be enough.
In Love & Light,
- M.S.

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