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Christina Ladas

Christina Ladas, a graduate of the Pratt Institute School of Fine Arts is a working artist and designer for the international marketplace. Formal fine art studies, a career in art, design and product merge mediums, techniques, materials and disciplines with the vision of the designer, palette of the painter, and passions of the collector. Her hand made, one of a kind pieces are her departure from the rigors of the business of art to the place of creation with spirit, beauty and meaning.

Alexandria Economou

Alexandria Economou is a shamanic practitioner teaching spiritual and healing practices of ancient cultures. Certified in animal assisted therapy and an animal Reiki master, she has studied non-predatory leadership with horses in the Arizona desert. Creativity and imagination arise from this place of possibilities. Her hand built pots are pit fired in the ancient Japanese tradition of Raku and aesthetic of wabi sabi… perfection of imperfection… resulting colors, textures and patterns are the the magical signatures of intention, fire and ash.

Christina Photo
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Stephan Economou

Stephan Economou, a Parsons School of Design background and owner of a NYC design build company. His discerning eye for craftsmanship and the architecture of form brings new life to reclaimed materials in creations that balance natural characteristics with the vision of his clients. His photography casts light on the natural world and all that live within it, the grit that defines real beauty, what exists on the surface and what lies beneath it when all falls away.