Spirituality in the New World – Eric Perez – HCSL Fundraiser

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We have found ourselves in an unprecedented time in human history.

Confusion has invaded our minds, fear has gripped our hearts, and the streets of our cities are overrun with chaos. It’s become near impossible to know who or what to believe, and this uncertainty is oppressing us into a state of paralysis. But there’s hope on the horizon. As the darkness increases, so does the light. Where fear is fostered, love is awakened. This time has been foretold for millennia by great seers of all spiritual traditions, and their overwhelming consensus is that this upheaval is preparation for a great ascension. We are, all of us, divine beings masquerading as people, and it is our entanglement with the material world and its many snares that has caused us to forget our divine origins and our cosmic inheritance.  During this inspiring virtual event, Eric Perez will impart some knowledge and experience from a variety of spiritual and metaphysical disciplines, including yoga, ancient civilizations and religions, prophecy, sacred geometry, quantum physics, and the incomparable, indispensable power of intention. This is an open forum, and will function in a Q&A format. Through “chat” many of your questions and concerns will be addressed, and together we will share an evening exploring the answers we seek. We are each children of the universe and therefore meant for love, bliss, and peace…even amongst this present confusion.


This event is a Fundraiser for The Holistic Center of Soulful Living. To learn more about us, and the reason for this Fundraiser, Click Here.

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Aug 13 2020


Eric Perez


Eric Perez

Eric Noel Perez is an award winning, veteran English teacher from New York with 25 years of experience in the classroom. He is also a published poet, an ordained minister, a motivational speaker, a yoga instructor, and the author of three books: “God Is”, “Sweet Caroline: a Book of Love Poems”, and “Rambling: Soul Searching on Long Island’s North Shore.” As an educator at the high school level he is the founder of S.O.U.L (Sending Out Universal Love), an after-school club that teaches teens the importance of self-improvement and selfless service. Perez draws from various disciplines and wisdom traditions to create, and share, an integrated view of the universe, as well as our role in it. He is a friend to the environment, and a humanitarian who lives by the tenet that all actions we perform as human beings is one of two things: an expression of love, or a cry for it.