Heal the Trauma Learn to Thrive – Virtual Event – HCSL Fundraiser

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Generational Healing Workshop

Join Intuitive Alicia Munion on a journey to explore unresolved trauma from your past. As we experience challenges during this difficult time in history, there is an opportunity to go within to heal. Alicia will lead you in a workshop designed to help you understand your pain, let go and create peace within. Through deep reflection, acknowledgement of negative energy you may be holding and development of tools to use in the future, this workshop will empower you to access the best version of yourself. This virtual gathering includes an educational lesson, written exercises and a deep, transformative, healing meditation.


This event is a Fundraiser for The Holistic Center of Soulful Living. To learn more about us, and the reason for this Fundraiser, Click Here.


The event is finished.



Aug 18 2020


Alicia Munian


Alicia Munian

Alicia Munian has been on an intense spiritual journey her entire life. Since she was younger, she could remember always being in tune with the world on a deeper level. After dealing with traumas during her teenage years, including having a parent battling cancer, by the time Alicia was in college, she developed severe depression. It is often during our darkest times that we truly awaken the light within. Alicia decided that she was going to heal herself, and put herself on a profound journey of healing and awakening.