Alissa Schwartz


Alissa Schwartz, LCSWR, CHP is a licensed clinical psychotherapist and a certified hypnotherapist. Alissa’s PASSION & life’s work has been to help men & women of all ages find deeper meaning & purpose in their lives.

Alissa SchwartzAlissa teaches others to mobilize their inner-strength and to uncover roadblocks that might be preventing them from living their most genuine and meaningful life.

Alissa believes in the POWER of positive thought and a strengths-based approach to life based on her own challenging life circumstances. With deep compassion and diverse clinical skills, Alissa is able to help others make the connection between their anxiety, depression & addictions and their disconnection from living in a way that is more aligned with their body, mind and spirit. In this way she is able to help others create a new powerful self-image and achieve optimum wellness, inner peace & a deeper sense of joy in life.

Ms. Schwartz holds a Masters in Social Work from Adelphi University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Administration from C.W. Post College. Alissa volunteers for the non -profit organization “Mission Be,” which teaches mindfulness and visualization to children in the public school system. This heart centered program empowers young people to accept and love themselves just as they are. These children are taught healthy coping strategies for managing life stressors as well as tools for long term success. Alissa actively serves on the “Mission Be” board as well!

Ms. Schwartz is a licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of New York & co-founder and co-owner of THE HOLISTIC CENTER FOR SOULFUL LIVING.

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I have been a client of The Center for Soulful Living for over 5 years now and I honestly could not see myself maturing into the man I am today without it. I started coming to see Alissa Schwartz when my parents split-up during High School and she not only helped me through that confusing and trying time, but has also been there for me as life threw me numerous curve balls; along with some personal tragedies that have changed my life forever. We have spent many sessions developing coping strategies for daily stresses, learning how to manage loss and grief, as well as defining what it really means to be “happy.” People today are either confused about what that actually means or are trying to follow some superficial model given to them by someone else about how they should live their lives. Alissa has taught me that happiness is a state of mind that we teach ourselves to live in and that we can transcend our happiness onto others around us. The style in which Alissa presents her practice is also very unique. When you walk into the waiting room, you’re senses are met with peaceful stimuli. There is always some form of music playing; ranging from soothing soundscapes to more traditional meditative sounds. The lingering smell of incense combined with the comfortable furniture really allows yourself to relax and let the stress of the day wear off; once you have had a few moments to escape from the troubles outside the Center you can come to a state where you can analyze the soul. Finally, when you are inside, you are surrounded by books, beautiful artwork and symbols and sayings about peace. You notice a distinct Asian theme, and that is appropriate because Alissa and the other members of the Center mold their practice in the wake of Asian philosophical and meditative practices. I have learned an incredible amount about Buddhist Meditation, the relevance of the body’s Chakras and the impact that nature can have on our minds. Combining this with the traditional practices of psychotherapy allowed me to leave each session with a renewed sense of purpose; not to mention answers to the questions “How can I…?” After all, we come here for a reason. We may know that reason before each session, or we may not. However, I do know that I grow each time I come here and will continue to do so. – J.B. (9/09/12)

I have been going to Alissa Schwartz for roughly four years, and I still feel that I learn something new during each session. Alissa is a caring and loving woman who is clearly passionate about helping individuals achieve their best. Adolescence was a challenging time for me and with the help of Alissa I have been able to make the most of this time period and smoothly transition into adulthood. It is not without sincere gratitude to Alissa that I am happy to say I love the being I am today.” – J.R.


I cannot say enough about the Center For Soulful Living. Alissa Schwartz has inspired me and guided me through many personal & family issues, dealing with illness and aging parents among many other things. Her expertise is endless. I have made changes in my life I could have never imagined. Through the center I have also had the great fortune to meet Mary Gnieser, LCSW & Reiki Master and Erena Digonis, certified health coach & psychotherapist who have helped me to explore other ways of seeking wellness through the mind & body.” – D.M.


As you read these words you are likely struggling with some difficult issues in your life. Maybe it relates to a child, a parent , a spouse or some form of addiction. My introduction to Alissa began with my wife’s efforts in her recovery from alcoholism. After several weeks of working individually with my wife, I was invited to visit as a couple with Alissa. This is something I can only wish I had done years earlier. My understanding of the disease increased as did my awareness of my wife’s challenges, but what also happened was an awareness of myself. I had gone to many meetings and the tone was often very harsh as it relates to the alcoholic, but I love my wife and I was determined to help in any way possible. I learned she needed to own her disease, but I could surely improve myself and in doing so support her. While the journey continues, my wife continues to grow and recover as do I and our lives as individuals, as spouses and as parents has grown. The journey that began with a great deal of doubt and anxiety is one I truly feel blessed to have taken. Alissa is a special person and I know that whatever causes you to read these words is reason enough for you to give her a call. We did and it made all the difference.” – Jim F.


“Alissa is an immensely talented therapist who brings years of experience and razor sharp perception to the center, possessing amazing hypnotherapy skills and a powerful spirituality, she delves deeply into the psyche to shine the light of day into the dark recesses of the mind. Alissa’s insights help me to understand myself better and her steady demeanor reassures me that I am a worthwhile child of the light!” – J.C.


I began to see Alissa for therapy after struggling with panic attacks, depression, a bad break up and compulsive over eating that left me hopeless and empty. I had tried out 2 other therapists before my first session with Alissa. Immediately, I was at ease with her incredible warmth, compassion, and insight. Alissa provided me a safe container as I felt my feelings for the first time. With consistent work, I was able to rebuild my life. After each session, there were profound shifts and transformation. I have so much more clarity and inner peace. I am so grateful for Alissa and words cannot describe what a gifted healer and psychotherapist she is!” – E.D.


“I wanted to write a testimonial, not out of obligation but as a way to thank Alissa for all that she has done to help me. I came to The Center for Soulful Living because I have severe depression. I have as well suffered through many addictions, and I got to the lowest point in my life where I thought that I was too far gone to be saved. Alissa has changed all of that for me. She has been there every step of the way, guiding me with her kind heart, wisdom, and inspiration. I have seen many therapists in my life, but none of them had helped me in the way Alissa has. She is non-judgemental, and always has insightful knowledge to share with me. I have made a ton of progress in our sessions together. I am writing this with the hope that you will seek her out if you need help and guidance, like I did (and sill do). -Ashley Rick (5/28/14)